Outfit Ideas

Outfit Ideas - Teal Appeal - 10/14/12




1) Skirt: TJ MAXX  2) Sweater: Target  3) Necklace: Forever 21  4) Sandals: Target  5) Clutch: Ross

I can already tell, my fall and winter obsession is going to be big comfy sweaters!! I have bought at least 6 already this year and since it's been a little cooler, that's what I have been wearing everyday!  As far as Maxi Skirts.....  We all know I wore the crap out of them all of summer, especially this particular one.  Now It's the perfect time of year to mix the two!!!  I love how this looks comfortable, simple, and casual.... but it also looks a little bit unique.  A lot of people think that once summer ends, maxi skirts and dresses should be put away.  But I definitely beg to differ.  However, I think there are a couple things to keep in mind when wearing this look!

- Keep the sleeves of the sweater rolled up or pushed up to elbows.  It makes the look a little more tailored and doesn't make you look like you are drowning in your outfit!

- Make sure the sweater isn't too long!  I like the front to be rolled up or tucked up a little so its shorter in the front and longer in the back.  This will also help keep it from looking too frumpy.  Or you can rock a high waisted maxi with a cropped sweater and get the same effect!

-And 3... don't rock the flat boots with this look!!!  heeled booties might be okay (even though I'm not a fan)  I feel like it makes you look matronly.  Sandals look a little better in my opinion.... or heels.  That is why I think it's best to wear a look like this in the early fall when you can get away with wearing sandals or heels!