Outfit Ideas

Outfit Ideas - Color Block - 10/24/12


1) Boots: Payless  2) red Tank: Nordstrom Rack  3) Cardigan: Taret  4) Necklace: Forever 21  5) Bracelets: Forever 21  6) Hat: Forever 21

Two of my fave colors to pair together during fall is red and mustard!  I think they go so well together.. and it reminds me of the fall leaves.  Me and Buggy were just hanging out together today.  Running errands and whatnot.  This is a great Mommy outfit.  Comfortable, easy to move in, and easy to chase a toddler around in! :)  You will spot me in something like this a majority of the time during the colder seasons!  When it got a little colder today, I just threw my brown pea-coat right over the top and it was SO cute!! It definitely had the layered effect going on which I love.