Outfit Ideas

Outfit Ideas - 2.16.12 - Net Scarf





1) Shoes: Fred Meyer  2) Jeans: TJ Maxx  3) Blouse: Forever 21  4) Scarf: Shop Ko  5) Purse: Baghaus.com  6) Bracelet: Forever 21 7) Lips: Revlon Lip Butter in Tutti Fruiti

Sorry it has been a while!  Sometimes time goes by and I dont even realize it! lol.  Here I am again with my same old bag.  Like I have said though... it goes with LITERALLY everything!  ' what I love about it! I went to visit my mom today to cut and color her hair. I don't wear heels much anymore since I have Alaina.....  but for some reason I really felt the urge to pull them out. Right now I'm really into rolling up the bottom of my jeans.  Not to capri length... but to ankle length.  I love the look of it! I also have been really into button up shirts.  They are a little different than my usual baggy v-necks... and cardigans.  Thanks for reading! :)