Outfit Ideas

Outfit Ideas - 3.15.12 - Blustery Day




 1) Denim shirt: TJ maxx  2) White blouse: Forever 21  3) pants: forever 21  4) Scarf: Boutique (or you can make it! I have a video!)  5) Purse: Ross  6) Watch: Macy's (style and co.)  7) Fedora: Boutique  8) Boots: Target 9) Earings: Target

Similar Hat: http://rstyle.me/hecb4pmkke

Similar Denim Shirt: http://rstyle.me/g69bfsmkke

Watch: http://rstyle.me/buqdg4mkke

Excuse the lack of pictures for this post! The wind was blowing SUPER bad today and it was hard to get decent pictures with my hair blowing all over the place.... plus we had to use my little tiny nikon camera! :)  I am loving the layers in this outfit.  Pairing two button down shirts gives such a fun and unique look especially at the sleeves where you see them rolled up!  As you can tell I have already taken my fedora out for the year! :)  I couldn't hold out any longer.  Even though they have more of a spring vibe.... I wanted to throw them into some outfits now!  Enjoy!