Outfit Ideas

Outfit Ideas - 5.23.2012 - Chilly Spring Day




1) Blue top: Nordstrom Rack 2) Jacket: Forever 21  3) Necklace: Goodwill  4) Purse: Forever 21  5) Watch: Michael Kors  6) Bracelets: Forever 21  7) Shoes: Ross  8) Sunglasses: Target

Today was a chilly spring day.  Typical weather for Oregon!  Usually around here you have to wear jackets during spring.... and I wouldn't consider it warm.  I found this jacket at forever 21, all alone, sitting on a rack, calling my name.  I fell in love with it right when I saw it and felt like it was meant to be.  It fits perfectly and looks very tailored which is why I love it!  It also has a different look than a blazer which is usually my jacket of choice!  I decided to pair it with blue since its a complimentary color to "gold".  I love the way this outfit turned out! Thank you so much for reading!