Outfit Ideas

Outfit Ideas - Color Blocking - 6/17/12



1) Top: Forever 21  2) Jeans: TJ Maxx  3) Hautelook  4) Necklace: Goodwill  5) Purse: Forever 21  6) Sunglasses: Target  7) Lipstick: See Sheer by MAC

So, If you watch my vlog channel, you saw me open the box to these shoes!  I was a little unsure of them at first, but I must say...... I love them now.  They look a little strange off, but as soon as you put them on they are really cute and SO comfortable.  I could wear them ALL day.  It's rare to find a good heel like that!  These chartreuse jeans are one of my favorite pairs of colored denim that I own because its such a unique color.  The only problem is they stretch out like CRAZY by the end of the day... lol.  I was pulling them up constantly all evening!  Not fun.... LOL.  I also cuffed them a little bit at the bottom to give them a little flare.  I am loving that look right now.  I love this outfit for those chilly spring days.  It was super comfortable yet fashionable!  Totally my kind of outfit!