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Outfit Ideas - Top Knot - 9/29/12







Okay, okay..... Don't kill me! :)  I know it's been a while since a legit outfit post went up!  I don't know where I have been lately.  We bought a car recently so we have been focusing a lot on that!  And let's be honest.... "1 year old" and "glamorous fashionista" never seem to go in the same sentence! haha.  But now that fall is coming up, I do want to post more because I love fall!!  Its the perfect type of weather.  In Oregon we have been having a major Indian summer.  It's been in the 80's still... which is ridiculous for where I live.  Don't get me wrong... we all know how much I love hot weather so I am not complaining one little bit. Also... I don't care how in style top knots are... I HATE them on me.  I feel like i look like a giraffe.  With that said... here is the details!! ENJOY!

1)  Shoes: Ross  2) Pants: Forever 21  3) Purse: Thrifted  4) Top: Forever 21  5) Necklace, Sunnies and Earings: Forever 21 


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