Outfit Ideas - 6/26/14 - Green With Envy

Dress: Forever 21

Shoes: TJ Maxx

Purse: Carah Amelie Collection on Markkit - http://mymarkk.it/cac

Necklace: Carah Amelie Collection on Markkit - http://mymarkk.it/cac

Vest: Forever 21 Jacket - Cut the sleeves off

Watch - Carah Amelie Collection on Markkit - http://mymarkk.it/cac

Hat: H&M

Yes, I am aware that I have a major hat problem.  I will own it.. and not apologize either. ;)  There is something about a hat to me that finishes off the look of any outfit.  It just adds that little something that makes any outfit look more stylish.  Not only that, but the tan fedora is so summery and boho looking to me.  I just can't get over it.  This outfit is again, so comfortable for me right now.  Chasing after a toddler and nursing a newborn ever 3 hours is a big job, and I'm not about to wear heels and skinny jeans.  Bare with me guys! haha. Don't forget to check out the Carah Amelie Collection on Markkit.com to see some other amazing pieces I love!


Outfit Ideas - 6/24/14 - Neon Geometric

Cardigan: My Markkit Collection - http://mymarkk.it/cac

Tank: Target

Shorts: Levi from Fred Meyers

Sandals: Merona from Target

Sunnies: Forever 21 

Earrings: Forever 21

Bag: My Markkit Collection  - http://mymarkk.it/cac

If you guys haven't checked out my markkit collection you definitely should.  Everything in the carahamelie collection is hand picked by me.  All items are things I would wear and personally love!!  This kimono cardigan is amazing. I fell in love with the geometric pattern, but not only that the neon colors!  Hope you enjoy!

Outfit Ideas - 6/21/14 - Mad Hatter Tea Party


Skirt: Nordstroms Rack

Tank: Target

Cuff: Forever 21

Peace Bracelet: Macys (Lucky)

Hat: H&M

Rings: Hand me downs from Grandma

This outfit was for a casual bridal shower for one of my high school BFFs.  It was a mad hatter theme so she asked for people to wear hats!  Of course I went with my signature! :D  One thing I wanted to point out with this outfit is the mixing of silver and gold accessories.  The only time that this doesn't bother me is with rings.  I have always worn silver rings… I have no idea why being that I prefer Gold jewelry.  Usually I feel like mixing silver and gold works if the pieces are far away from each other on the body.  But in this case it doesn't bother me.  I like my grandma's rings… and I love that gaudy mixed ring look as well so I just go with it! :D I say wear what you like if you feel comfortable in it.


Outfit Ideas - 6/17/14 - Green Black and Studs

Shoes: Forever 21

Hat: Forever 21

Shirt: TJ Maxx

Jeans: TJ Maxx

Lips: NYX butter gloss in Peach Cobbler

Necklace: SUPER old… I can't remember where I purchased it! :(

This is such a "Me" outfit. This beanie was in my closet confidential TAG as one of my "Favorite items in my closet".  There is something about the color of this beanie that I love! It just gives such a fun pop to a plain outfit.  I also decided to bust out these shoes.  I haven't worn them all too often, but i really love them.  They are great to wear with simple graphic T-shirts! Hope you enjoyed this simple outfit post! I know it's not anything too special, but it's what I wore today so why not share! :D

Outfit Ideas - 6/9/14 - Urban Safari

Top: Forever 21

Hat: H&M

Necklace: Forever 21

Shorts: Levi

Bracelets: double band - F21, Peace - Macy's

Shoes: Dolce Vita

Sunnies: Forever 21

As some of you may know from watching my vlogs, Travis hates cut-off shorts.  She thinks they look tacky and trashy. LOL.  I decided to keep that in mind when buying these shorts because he is the only person in this world I care to impress.  I had to go out and buy some new shorts because I am still dealing with postpartum body woes. :)  I feel like I will be back to my pre weight soon.. but I had NO SHORTS to wear except maternity shorts which was just depressing! I was dying of heat so I picked these Levi's up at Fred Meyers and I love them! So comfy and cute! Not only that, they don't show my butt cheeks which is a plus but at the same time, they aren't "Mom Long" if you know what I mean. I feel like it's one or the other these days… but these are prefect :)