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Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation Review

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation Review

This Foundation is definitely in my Top 2!  I always wanted to give this a foundation a try when I saw it in stores, and finally purchased it about 3 weeks ago.  I was so surprised by this foundation because it does exactly what it claims!! It seriously lasts forever, and keeps you matte all day!  I wouldn't go as far as saying it lasts 25 hours... but it definitely gets you through a busy work day and date night great! It is perfect for oily, Combination and normal skin types, and is very buildable as well... But I would definitely consider it a medium to heavy coverage.  If you want more you can definitely add a layer and it will cover great!  One downside to this foundation is its a little hard to blend. That doesn't bother me too much, but I know it bothers some.  I have a theory that foundations that are a little harder to blend out seem to last a little longer.  So far, this theory seems to be correct for me!  It also has no SPF.  Don't freak out though, it actually can be a good thing.  If you are going somewhere that will have a lot of flash photography, then its perfect.  SPF can reflect light in photos and make you look pastey and ghostly!  We don't want that! :) If this is something you want to buy for everyday, then just get a moisturizer and primer with SPF and you will be fine! This foundation would make a PERFECT wedding foundation.  Perfect for pictures, and lasts all day and night! 

There are a few cons to this product though.  The color selection is VERY small.  I'm pretty sure there was only around 6 shades or so... and there were no shades for really dark skin tones.  Also, The colors seemed to be very cool toned.  Almost beige and ashy.  If you have really really warm skin you may not be able to find one that would match.  However, I kind of feel like this foundation works similar to a BB cream.  It goes on your skin a little on the ashy side, but it oxidizes just a bit and makes the perfect neutral color. 

This product sells for around $8.00 on average which is pretty good.  The packaging is a little cheap... its in a plastic tube which turns me off a little bit.  BUT its nice because its a squeeze tube so you wont contaminate the product inside!

I absolutely LOVE this foundation and will be a holy grail for me!!! I hate to give this 4 stars... but because of the color selection I will!


4 out 5 Rating Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation

Benefit They're Real Mascara Review

Benefit They're Real Mascara Review

It takes a lot for a mascara to wow me!  I am very picky and there are a lot of things I look for when buying a mascara!  This mascara totally caught me off guard, and I will gladly say its probably in my top 3 mascaras of all time! :) This Mascara can be purchased at Sephora or Macy's for about $23.00.  That is a little spendy I know, but if you get it once... you will be hooked! This mascara is a rubber want which a lot of you know I love!  It also has the bristles at the very tip which helps get into the inner corner lashes, and the lower lash line! The mascara is VERY black and is a really great formula.  I would say its right in the middle of a thin and thick consistency which is perfect!  Because its not overly thick, it doesn't clump up.... but it also volumizes your lashes because it isn't to watery.  It also lasts a super long time and doesn't crumble under your eyes through out the day.  However... I do notice that I have to work really hard to get it off with makeup remover.  This can be a positive or negative trait depending on what you like. The packaging is also really cute if you are into that kind of thing :)  This mascara reminds me a lot of the Covergirl Lashblast in how it applies and looks on your lashes. Overall, there is no doubt I would buy this mascara again.  Maybe not every time I am in the market because it is expensive... but here and there its a great treat!  


5 out of 5 Rating: Benefit They're Real Mascara Review

L'Oreal One Sweep Sculpting Blush Duo Review

L'Oreal One Sweep Sculpting Blush Duo Review

I was pretty skeptical of this product when I first purchased it.  I thought it was innovative and something you don't see too often but at the same time I thought it was a little strange as well.  They are $10-$12.00 in stores which in my opinion isn't that cheap.... so I was hoping for the best!  Let me just start off by saying, I was very very disappointed!!  I couldn't believe how unpigmented this product was!! I tried using the brush it came with and multiple different brushes from my collection and nothing did the job.  I had to reapply more than 5 times before I started seeing any sort of color on my cheeks!  The term "One Sweep" is the last way I would describe this duo.  It is also somewhat chalky which I find looks very unflattering on the cheeks.  I also feel like if this duo was pigmented, the brush would give a very harsh look and you would have to use another brush to blend out the harsh lines, which I think defeats the whole purpose.  The packaging is also very cheap, and the brush it comes with is rough and doesn't feel very good on the skin.  This rarely happens to me with a product, but I have nothing good to say about it.  If I were you, I would just buy a separate brush and bronzer... and learn how to contour correctly and you will be set to go. :)  No need for a gimmicky product like this! :)  All in all, I give this product zero stars! 


0 out of 5 Rating:  L'Oreal One Sweep Sculpting Blush Duo Review 

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters

 Revlon Colorburst Lip Colors:

I was so eager to try these out and I heard great things!  I was very pleased with these when I tried them out and I would love to purchase more.  I bought Tuti Fruiti which is a really pretty coral orange color and Pink Truffle which is a nice mauve.  Both absolutely gorgeous and pretty pigmented for being lip butters!!  The are very soft and so-so at moisturizing...but not the best.  I would have to say they are probably my second favorite when it comes to moisture.... below Palladio's Tinted Lip Balms.  Palladio's lip balms go on A LOT smoother and silkier and these ones are a little thicker and creamier which is why I feel the moisturizing qualities aren't as high.  They aren't waxy at all and pretty shiny as if you are wearing a little gloss over the top!  Another downside is they aren't very precise.  They kind of look like a stain and don't make a sharp line around the lips and can look a little messy when applied,  but that's pretty normal with tinted lip balms. It's not horrible... but it's definitely not like lipstick.  The color section is very wide which is nice and some are darker and richer than others! The packaging is also very cute... but definitely not "High End" Looking. Another downside is the lasting power.  It's not the greatest and you have to re-apply frequently.... however they are Lip butters so that isn't suprising at all and kind of expected.  Even though I have mentioned many downsides to this product, I would still buy more surprisingly.  I really like them.  Too me they are just a creamier shinier lipstick and are nice on casual days when you don'twant anything to crazy on the lips!  They are similar to the luster finishes by MAC.  I have been wearing them a lot and hope to buy more!!  All in all, I give these 4 stars!


4 out of 5 Rating Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters 


Neutrogena Heathy Skin Foundation Review

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation Review:

As you all know, I was in search of a new foundation because I have been using the L'Oreal True Match forever!! I wanted to try something new!  I picked this up because I heard great things!  I have been using it for quite a while now and I have to say I LOVE it and it works great with my skin type! The consistency reminds me ALOT of the Revlon Colorstay foundation.  It's very thick which I feel gives better coverage than a thinner foundation.  I find it applies best with a brush because it's easier to blend out that way.  It's a little hard to blend with your fingers so I would invest in a good flat top kabuki!  I feel like it wears off a little bit through out the day, but its not horrible.  I probably wouldn't recommend this for people with oily skin for that reason.  For someone like me with normal skin it works great!  I would also see this working awesome on people with dry skin as well.  Another plus is it doesn't cake.  I don't feel like I have a mask on... but at the same time its very buildable if you do want alot heavier coverage!  It's a fairly large bottle so you get alot of product and it lasts a long time!  This product does have fragrance in it so if you have very sensitive skin it might not be for you.  But I have also heard from many sources that it did help clear up their acne mildly.... and didn't make it worse.  It's a little more spendy than average drugstore foundations.  It's about $12.00 but I do think its worth it and I would buy it again!  It works great with the MAC mineralized skin finish natural over the top to set it! I really like this foundaiton and I give it 4 stars!



4 out of 5 Rating Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation


Revlon Photo Ready Concealer Review

Revlon Photo Ready Concealer Review:

  I must say, when I picked this up, I was expecting a hard dry concealer that was hard to blend and cakey.  That's usually how I find these stick concealers to be.  I decided to go against my initial thoughts.. and try it out anyways.  I am so glad I did because this might just be my new all time favorite concealer!  This is one of the softest most blendable concealers that I have tried in a long time!  It's so easy to apply and blend out with your finger or brush.  Its perfect for those of you that don't have alot of time in the morning,or are on the run!  I don't find this concealer to cover really large red pimples, I find that it works best for under eye circles, and around your nose and mouth to cover unwanted redness.  If you are looking for something to cover alot of large pimples I would recommend something more on the cream side and heavier.  However, if you have MINOR pimples it does cover fairly well! All in all, I would say its medium coverage. The formula is very silky,soft and light and I find that it comes it colors that match alot skin tones amazingly!  It is also pretty buildable as well!  If you have VERY oily skin and some wrinkles  I would not recommend this concealer because of the texture!  It will probably crease... and not last all day.  But if you have normal skin or dry skin, it works fantastic and lasts a long time! I purchased the color light/medium and it's perfect for me.  In foundations I am usually the 2nd to 3rd lightest.   There is also VERY subtle shimmer in it, but I don't notice it at all when I wear it so don't let that scare you if you read other reviews.  This concealer is around $10.00 and it's also a cruelty free product! Because I find this works best for only some skintypes, I give it 4 stars.

4 out of 5 Rating Revlon Photo Ready Concealer

Stila One Step Primecolor in Capri Coral Review

Stila One Step Prime Color in Capri Coral


I ordered this on a while ago, and I had no clue what it was, but I was curious!  I don't try alot of stila products out, but since there was a sale, I thought why not! :)  This product in my opinion works great....especially on my skin type, and I was very surprised by it! Stila says it can be used for anything.... blush, primer, bronzer, high lighter, eye shadow, lip color etc.....  BUT i would have to argue and say it would work for either your cheeks or on your lips....anywhere else, it might look a little off.... come on Stila, don't over do yourself here.  The cool thing about this product is that its extremely soft and silky almost like a silicone primer.....its not thick and creamy at all so it blends out really easily and gives a sheer finish.  Alot of times when you hear sheer... you think unpigmented, but its still VERY pigmented and you get a nice color pay off.  I would much rather use this that a cream blush because of the consistency and blending ability!  The wear is great too, and last a very long time which is a huge plus! I wouldn't recommend these to someone with really oily skin though.  because of the silicone feel, and slight shimmer... it can make you look even more oily.  However if you have normal skin or dry skin, they are great and give you a nice glow!  I also wouldn't purchase this if you are looking for a "works for everything" type of product like Stila states.  It just doesn't work for everything..... like I said cheeks, and lips and that's it.  Overall I like this product, and I would like to try other colors.  But there are some skin types and reasons why this product wouldn't really work out for someone.  That is why I give this product 4 stars.

4 out of 5 Rating Stila One Step Prime color

Wet n Wild Color Icon Palette: Comfort Zone Review


Wet n Wild Color Icon Palette: Comfort Zone Review

I have been looking for this palette FOREVER!  For some reason it was sold out everywhere I went... but I finally found it at a super Walmart!  This palette was a little under $5.00 which is great for 8 good sized eye shadows!  I was SO surprised by the quality of these shadows.  They are amazing!  They are exremely pigmented... and I don't find them to be powdery and muddy at all.  They are very true to color and vivid.  I feel like when you apply them to your eye you are getting a bright shade rather than a muddy shade.  A couple of the shadows are so pigmented you have to be extra careful.  Just dipping your brush in quickly one time gives you enough to do the whole crease and outer V area!  The only downside to this is the packaging.  It's a little on the cheaper side and I feel like if you use this every single day it could break on you rather quickly.  But I would definitely buy this palette over and over again... and I would definitely buy all 3 color palettes.  There is also a purple one and a blue/green based one.  If you can get your hands on these I would definitely not hesitate to pick them up! All in all I would give this palette 5 stars!  Its one of the best drugstore palettes I have used to date! :)

  5 out of 5 Rating Wet n Wild Color Icon Palette: Comfort Zone

China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat Review

China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat Review:

I used to LOVE OPI polishes, but the more and more I branch out, the more and more I like other brands... including China Glaze.  The thing I dislike most about OPI is the drying time.  It takes FOREVER for your nails to dry... and I never have a perfect mani/pedi because after 3 hours I always think they are dry... but they aren't and I end up messing them up some how!  I am the type of person that needs my nails to dry FAST.  I am always doing something and I can't sit around for hours waiting for my nails to dry.  Finally after trying many many top coats I found one that I am liking it alot for the most part!  This China glaze top coat makes any nail polish dry in no time!  I have tried to over many different brands and I feel like it makes a huge difference!  The only downside is the scent.  Its VERY strong.... one of the strongest nail polish scents I have ever smelled, so it can get a little overwhelming.  But its worth it for the speed!  The price is a little spendier than drugstore polishes as well.  You can buy China glaze in Sally's beauty supply stores, Ulta or CVS... and you can also find it online as well!  One thing you have to remember too when it comes to top coats is that they dry out faster than regular nail polishes usually.  So you want to make sure you close the lid tightly, and if you have it for a very long time, it might be time to repurchase a new one!  Or you can buy a nail lacquer thinner to mix into the polish every once in a while. The brush is a good medium sized brush.. not too big and not too small which I like because I can use it on my nails and tiny little toe nails. Another recommendation would be to buff your nails first, then apply a base coat.  I noticed that when you skip this step your nail polish has a tendency to peel or chip..... but that is usually the case with any polish.  I would recommend this Top Coat for sure... but there are just a few things you have to keep in mind when using it for it to work well! I give this product 4 out of 5 stars.  The type of people I would recommend this for is those who NEED quick drying polishes.

4 out of 5 Rating China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat


Maybelline Define-A-Lash Volume Mascara Review

Maybelline Define-A-Lash Volume Mascara Review:

I bought this mascara TOTALLY on a whim.  I was at the grocery store, and there was this tiny little makeup section and I thought to myself...."hmmmm, I think I need a new mascara!!" so I picked this up and threw it in my cart. :)  Let me tell you, Im really glad I did.  I LOVE this mascara and has to be one of my all time favorites!  You know you love a mascara when you have a drawer full of various brands, but you pull for a certain one even though its almost gone, and on the verge of being dried out! haha.  What I love about this mascara is that it gives you volume without clumping which I really like.  I find that with alot of volume mascaras the brush and formula dont go well together... but with this one, the brush separates your lashes while the formula gives them volume!  For some reason I find that really hard to find in mascaras!  I also love the consistency of the formula.  I used to really like really thick mascaras... but this is right in the middle of thick and thin, which is great because again, it doesn't clump, but at the same time its not so thin that you have to do a million coats to get it to show!  I also have to say this is one of the blackest, darkest mascaras that I have found as well.  I have never realized how NOT black alot of mascaras are until I started using this one on a regular basis!  The only downside to this is it doesn't hold curl very well..... BUT with me, no matter what mascara I use my lashes never stay curled.... :(  All in all, I give this mascara 5 stars!


5 out of 5 Rating Maybelline Define-A-Lash Volume Mascara 

Wet n Wild Mega Glow Illuminating Powder - Catwalk Pink Review

Wet n Wild Mega Glow Illuminating Powder - Catwalk Pink Review:

I was on the search for a good drugstore illuminator mostly because I had a few high end ones, and I wanted to try something a little cheaper to recommend to viewers!  I came across this one, and instantly picked it up because I thought the colors looked very pretty and universal!  I have a MAC powder illuminator in soft and gentle and I hoped this would be similar.  I must say, I was very disappointed in this product.  This product has absolutely no pigmentation, and I find that it doesn't illuminate my skin AT ALL.  When I apply it, it gives VERY light subtle shimmer and that is all... but to a point where no one would even notice.  I figured it might be the brush I was using, so of course like a makeup tester would I swatched it with my fingers!  To my surprise, the pigmentation was still horrible... which is rare when swatching with your fingers!  I don't even feel like I could use these for shadows because the were so light.  You might be able to foil them as shadows for a subtle natural look but I wouldn't buy this illuminator for that.  All in all I give this product 1 star.  It was cheap (around 3.99), but still not worth it.  As soon as I find a good drugstore illuminating powder I will be sure to let you know! Also, if you have any recommendations for us, please let us know in the comments!


1 out of 5 stars Wet n Wild Mega Glow Illuminating Powder - Catwalk Pink


Hard Candy Just Face It Foundation Review

Hard Candy Just Face It Foundation Review: 


I'm not really sure why I decided to try this foundation to be honest.. and didn't think I would like it because I wasn't fond of the hard candy tinted moisturizer.  What drew me to this foundation right off the bat was the pump.  It's so rare to find a pump foundation in drugstores.... so I think thats part of the reason why I picked it up.  All in all, I was VERY surprised by this foundation in a good way!  It says its a feather weight formula which to me doesn't explain it very well...except for the fact that its not cakey.  However its VERY good coverage and very buildable!  Its a thicker kind of creamier consistency rather than liquid which I like.  I found that it works amazing if you squirt 2 pumps on a flat top dense kabuki and buff it into your face.  The staying power is great as well.  I use my MAC mineralized skin finish over the top, and I feel flawless.  The one problem I did notice is the color range.  I wouldn't consider myself to be EXTREMELY white.  Usually when I buy foundations I am the 2nd or 3rd darkest shade... in this one, I am the lightest.. so Im not too sure what the people whiter than me would do!  I have found that to be a main problem in hard candy concealer and foundation colors... they are slightly off... or don't have a big enough selection.  However... even though I am the lightest in this formula.. its matches PERFECT and I feel like I look natural and not cakey!  This is not an oil free foundation, it has mineral oil in it so it MIGHT not be suitable for oily skin types (all oily skin types vary), but for my normal to dry skin it works amazing! Hard Candy does not test on animals and this particular product goes for about $7.00 at Walmart! All in all, I would definitely buy this foundation again, its one of the best ones I have used!!

4 out of 5 Rating Hard Candy Just Face It Foundation 

Glamour Doll Eyes: Eye Shadows Review

Glamour Doll Eyes: Eye Shadows Review:

I had seen a lot of gurus do tutorials and reviews on glamour doll eyes and they always seemed SUPER pigmented and awesome and I always wanted to try them.  When the contacted me to try them I knew I wanted to... just to see if all the hype was actually true.  All I can say is YES!  These loose shadows are amazing!  Being that they are loose... I was expecting a lot of fallout, but I experienced hardly any which was a huge surprise!  The are incredibly pigmented and easy to work with.  I store them upside down... and when I am ready to use them, I flip them over... tap on the cap a couple times...unscrew them...then use the pigment that is leftover in the cap and its a perfect amount.  What I did notice though was the mattes don't work super fabulous over bases.  I put all of them over a black base and the mattes caked up and looked a little splotchy.  They might work a little better if you take your time etc... but when I was swatching, that is what I noticed.  However the mattes OFF a base work amazing, and are highly pigmented.  Another thing that bugs me personally (this doesnt make the product bad at all.. its just a personal thing) is the packaging.  They look kinda cheap and cheesy. haha.  The picture they use on the lid is kind of corny and doesn't look highly professional... and the stickers on the bottom are all crooked.  Just a pet peeve of mine, but the product inside rocks!  Each shadow this size is $6.00 but if you want a sample size they are $1.25.  Great deal!  The website to check out more colors is To see more photos of the colors I received check out Carah's Blog!

You can use the code: carahamelie03
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5 out of 5 Rating Glamour Doll Eyes: Eye Shadows


Loreal Magic Smooth Souffle Foundation Review

Loreal Magic Smooth Soufflé Foundation Review


I know I have been reviewing alot of foundations lately, but for some reason I have been really into trying new ones!  This one is pretty new, and when I saw it I was excited to try it!  I have had it for about 2 months or so, and I definitely have my opinions on it!  I applied it with a flat foundation brush which I found worked the best.  This foundation is prefect for those people who want extremely LIGHT coverage.  I found that it isn't buildable AT ALL.  It goes on extremely smooth and silky and finishes to a light non cakey feel.  However when you first start blending it... it feels REALLY thick and heavy.  This foundation does not last a very long time either.  I find that I get greasy looking quickly, and setting it doesn't really do much because of the silkiness of the formula.  It almost has the feeling of a silicon primer which tends to create a velvety feel that doesn't dry.. which I don't like for foundation.  It also doesn't come with very much product inside...even though the packaging is VERY big and bulky.   I could see myself maybe using this in the summer when I don't want to wear too much makeup. Other than that, I don't think I will ever pull it out to use.  Over all I don't like it and I give this foundation 1 star!  


1 out of 5 stars Loreal Magic Smooth Soufflé Foundation



Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Review

 Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Review


When I bought this foundation, I had a feeling I would really like it, and sure enough I did!  The packaging is amazing and looks very high end... and I tend to be a packaging junkie!  This foundaiton reminds me ALOT of the true match by Loreal which is amazing!  It has good coverage, and is pretty buildable without looking overly cakey!  However it's a very wet foundation, and I find it takes a little while to dry.  Sometimes that bothers me, but it might just be because Im used to the Revlon Colorstay and True Match.  Other than that it has great staying power, and has ALOT of colors to choose from.  They have a very easy "matching guide" at the store to get your perfect shade (which is how I found mine!)! I have to say though, I still think Loreal True Match is a bit better.... thats why I am giving this 4 stars! :)



 4 out of 5 Rating Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Concealer Review

Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Concealer Review

   When I saw this concealer at the store, I thought for sure I would really like it.  It's a cream concealer which I usually love, and it had a warm peachy tone which is perfect for under eye circles which is what I was looking for.  Sadly, this concealer was NOT anywhere near what I was looking for.  The weird thing about it this concealer was that in the package and untouched it looked like a medium toned peach color, but as soon as I opened it and put my finger in it, it turned to a VERY light beige color!  It was very deceiving!  The coverage is okay and works in a pinch, but its not that great.  I also felt like it was super sticky and tacky under my eyes, and no matter how much powder I used to set it, it stayed slightly sticky!  I definitely didn't like the look of it at all under my eyes, and I will probably never use it.  There are concealers that I like way more that are creams like the MAC studio finish, the Sonia Kashuk quad, and the sephora quad! I give this product 1 star!


1 out of 5 Rating Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Concealer

Stila Convertible Color: Poppy Review

Stila Convertible Color: Poppy Review


I was eyeing this particular product for a long time, and I was SO glad I finally picked it up.  I really wanted a maroon color blush, and this was exactly that!  The price is very decent for a high end product... 24.00 at Sephora, which I think is great!  I love this blush because it's not greasy.  Sometimes with the MAC cream blushes, and the NYX ones... they are a little on the greasy pasty side.  These are more of a "cream consistency" and kind of what you expect when you get a cream blush...but they are on the verge of being a tad dry and slightly hard to blend.  I feel like this might vary depending on what kind of climate you live in.  The best way by far to apply this is with a brush.  With your finger... its too hard to blend and it looks splotchy.  But with a brush its beautiful. This is going to last me FOREVER as well.  Like I said, its super pigmented!  You can use the tiniest little amount to get a nice rosy color, or a little more to get the dramatic blush effect for a night out!  At first I didn't really like the way this blended out... and i still think its a little difficult to blend at first.... but then I started using it with a brush and it blendsout nicely and STAYS for a long time! I would definitely purchase this again, and I give it 4 stars!


4 out of 5 Rating Stila Convertible Color in Poppy

LA Splash Glitter Liquid Liners Review

LA Splash Glitter Liquid Liners Review:

These eye liners are something I love using!! There are a lot of high end glitter liners out there that are a lot more money, but work just about the same!  These eye liners can be found at Ulta (or Fred Meyer if you live in the northwest).  The only downside to this product is sometimes they can be slightly transparent if you are trying to get a bright vivid color.  I have found that when I am using the colorful ones I have to do 2 coats (letting the first one dry before applying the second).  But after the 2 coats the colors are super bright and vivid and glittery!  The glitter has great payoff as well especially after the second coat.  They do last all day as well... I haven't noticed any product crusting off by the end of the day.... but there might be a little bit of you are one of those obsessive eye touchers! haha.  All in all these eye liners are great and I use them a lot! Especially Onyx (black) and Champagne (gold)... they both have amazing glitter payoff and look great on your eye.  I would definitely buy these in the future, and i already own 4 and love them! I give this product 4 stars! :) 


4 out of 5 Rating LA Splash Glitter Liquid Liners

Enjoy Luxury Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Enjoy Luxury Shampoo and Conditioner Review 

Okay, Let me start off by saying... this stuff is beyond amazing!!  This is unlike any other shampoo and conditioner I have tried, and if you purchase it you will see exactly what I mean.  as soon as I put the conditioner in my hair it feels detangled and extremely soft... if I let it sit in my hair for a few minutes and wash it out its like silk!  Another great thing is this stuff lasts FOREVER!  People always say "you don't need to use very much!!" and then I buy the product and I always find myself using a ton of it... but with this it's SO different.... I really truly feel like I hardly use any and the results are fantastic.  The shampoo doesn't suds up a lot, but its because its sulfate free... which is better for your hair.  I know some people like shampoos that suds a lot, and this definitely doesn't.  I find that it doesn't bother me to much because I do feel like it definitely does the job!! Its also EXTREMELY thick! so its hard to distribute it into your hair, which is sometimes annoying.. but i find that eventually it all gets worked in and its fine.  Over all... this shampoo and conditioner duo is the best I have ever tried by far... and I have tried A LOT being that I am a hairstylist and all.  If you are sick and tired of  your hair feeling damaged, dry and gross.... this is definitely the shampoo to splurge on and you WONT be disappointed.. I almost guarantee you that!  :)  Give it a try! We have it in the carahamelie store if you are interested... I had to put it in there because I will back this product up no matter what!!

5 out of 5 Rating Enjoy Luxury Shampoo and Conditioner

Coastal Scents: Metal Mania Palette Review


Coastal Scents: Metal Mania Palette Review:

Overall the Coastal Scents eye shadow palettes are great, but in this specific review I am going to review the Metal Mania palette.  I had wanted this palette for a long time, and I'm glad that I finally got it.  These eye shadows are great quality for the price!!  They are around $25.00 give or take....and for the amount of colors you get, its hard to beat.  I wear coastal scents shadows...specifically this one quite often and I really enjoy it.  There are a couple down sides to this palette, One being fallout.  With some of the colors, especially the ultra shimmer ones tend to have a decent amount of fall out....But not all of them do.  The nice thing about the fallout though is that it comes off really easily with a large SOFT (non dense) brush without smearing all over your cheek. Some people say these shadows are a bit chalky... which I can see, but this doesn't bother me too much, and i find they are somewhat comparable to NYX.  One other downside to this palette is the lack of dark shades which might fool you from the photo.  There isn't a black or a dark brown.  I am the type to ALWAYS want a black in palettes so I was a little disappointed there.  The colors last a long time on your eye without fading as well.  This palette is perfect for someone that doesn't want to spend alot of money, likes to go with natural shades, but also likes to experiment with color every now and then.  Overall I really like this palette and the down sides don't bother me, and the upsides definitely outweigh the dow sides.  I strongly recommend this product.  This palette gets 4 stars.  This is the tutorial I made using the Metal Mania Palette! 

 4 out of 5 Rating Coastal Scents: Metal Mania Palette