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High Heel Lace up Boots Review

High Heel Lace Up Boots Review:

 These boots are from Rue 21.  I purchased them at the beginning of September 2010.  These boots are perfect for the fall/winter weather.  They are a great height so you can wear them all day without having sore feet!  They are also fitted around the ankle which I love.  I hate when ankle boots are really baggy around the ankle and these are nice and snug!  I also love how they lace up the front... it gives them the combat boot feel which is really big this fall as well!  These were basically the boots I was looking for everywhere, and I found them for super cheap.... $30.00!  These would be perfect paired with leggings, or shorts with black tights underneath!  They definitely give your outfit a unique flare!  I give these boots 4 stars... only because they are cheap, and I find cheap shoes tend to not last as long as higher end shoes! :)

4 out of 5 Rating Rue 21: High Heel Lace up Boots