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Revlon Face Primer Review

Revlon Face Primer Review:

I was really excited to try out this primer because I am a fan of most of Revlon's products!  Lets just say I was a little bit disappointed.  This primer tends to go on your face very wet.  it has a really wet feeling for longer than I like and takes a while to feel dry.  I usually like primers that have the smoother dry/matte feeling, and this primer is definitely not like that.  It also has a strong floral smell, which I also don't like.  I personally don't like to put things on my face that has a perfume scent.  I like face products to either smell somewhat organic or medicinal if anything.. but that is just my opinion.  The staying power of your foundation with this primer is so-so but nothing extravagant.  One pro to this product is the price being that it is a drugstore product.  All in all I give this primer 2 stars, and I would probably buy something else next time.

2 out of 5 Rating Revlon: Face Primer