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TIGI: Bed Head Moisture Maniac Shampoo and Conditioner Review

TIGI: Bed Head Moisture Maniac Shampoo and Conditioner Review:

Bed Head Moisture Maniac Shampoo and Conditioner
I thought for sure I would have loved this product!  I tend to have very dry hair alot of times so I always stick with moisture shampoos.  Of course I got the parge bottle of both, and i hate to say it...after 2 weeks of using it I regretted buying such huge containers!  I do love the smell, but that is about the only thing.  When I condition my hair, I like it to feel silky and soft in the shower after I wash it out.  I have started using ALOT of this conditioner because if I don't I still feel like my hair has tangles.  I sometimes even go in with a different conditioner AFTER the Moisture Maniac conditioner because it does nothing for me!  The shampoo is ok, but i still feel like my hair is kind of dry.  When I brush it or back comb it,  it starts to static a get poofy which is a sign of dry hair.  This is REALLY rare for my hair and it didn't start doing this until I got this shampoo and conditioner.  There are definitely other moisture products I would use in the shower instead of this.  I give this duo 2 stars.

2 out of 5 Rating TIGI: Bed Head Moisture Maniac Shampoo and Conditioner