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Wild Dive Reva20 Mid-Calf Boots Review

Wild Dive Reva20 Mid-Calf Boots Review:

These boots are EXTREMELY popular on websites like and and stores like Trend Shoes.  I bought these last fall and I loved the look of them and wore them almost everyday!  That is why I am on the fence with these boots.  Lets just say, the price definitely matches the quality! (they are about $25.00)  I only wore these for one fall and one winter (about 3-4 days a week) and by the end of winter both bottom heel caps were missing, the bottom sole lining was starting to peel off, and the inner sole lining was sliding down towards the toes when I walked!  It was quite frustrating, and I almost came to the point of buying new ones.  The reason why I was going to buy new ones even though they were extremely bad quality by this time was because they were VERY comfortable.  The heel was pretty low so I could wear them ALL day with out pain.  They kept my feet warm, and the style was great and matched all of my outfits!!  But because I wore them almost everyday, I decided spending a little more money on something higher quality would probably be smarter!!  These boots are nice if you don't plan on wearing them everyday.  They are cheap in price if you like to buy boots and shoes frequently.  This is a hard product to rate, but I'm going to give it 3 stars

3 out of 5 Rating: Wild Dive Reva20 Mid-Calf Boots