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NYC Liquid Eyeliners Review

NYC Liquid Eyeliners Review:

First let me start off by saying...I used to love this product!  The brush on these liners are super thin and pointy and the perfect stiffness to make a very nice perfect wing!  I also really loved the colors as well.  I loved the black and the brown/bronze color and wore them a lot.  Although I will admit.. these DO flake off pretty bad by the end of the day!  Worse than any liquid liners that I have tried!  Usually by the end of the night you cant even tell I had winged eye liner on. its just crusty black stuff that is all flaked off an crazy looking.  NOT ATTRACTIVE...haha.  If the formula was different for these liners they would be great because the packaging rocks.  Another thing I love about these is the amount of product that is on the brush when it is removed from the bottle.  You don't have to wipe off any excess makeup to make the tip pointy... it comes out ready to apply.  Its also very cheap in price which is nice if you are on a budget.  But... I usually like my makeup to last ALL DAY and I think most people do too, so that's why I give this product 2 stars.

2 out of 5 Rating NYC: Liquid Eyeliners