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Coastal Scents: Metal Mania Palette Review


Coastal Scents: Metal Mania Palette Review:

Overall the Coastal Scents eye shadow palettes are great, but in this specific review I am going to review the Metal Mania palette.  I had wanted this palette for a long time, and I'm glad that I finally got it.  These eye shadows are great quality for the price!!  They are around $25.00 give or take....and for the amount of colors you get, its hard to beat.  I wear coastal scents shadows...specifically this one quite often and I really enjoy it.  There are a couple down sides to this palette, One being fallout.  With some of the colors, especially the ultra shimmer ones tend to have a decent amount of fall out....But not all of them do.  The nice thing about the fallout though is that it comes off really easily with a large SOFT (non dense) brush without smearing all over your cheek. Some people say these shadows are a bit chalky... which I can see, but this doesn't bother me too much, and i find they are somewhat comparable to NYX.  One other downside to this palette is the lack of dark shades which might fool you from the photo.  There isn't a black or a dark brown.  I am the type to ALWAYS want a black in palettes so I was a little disappointed there.  The colors last a long time on your eye without fading as well.  This palette is perfect for someone that doesn't want to spend alot of money, likes to go with natural shades, but also likes to experiment with color every now and then.  Overall I really like this palette and the down sides don't bother me, and the upsides definitely outweigh the dow sides.  I strongly recommend this product.  This palette gets 4 stars.  This is the tutorial I made using the Metal Mania Palette! 

 4 out of 5 Rating Coastal Scents: Metal Mania Palette