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LA Splash Glitter Liquid Liners Review

LA Splash Glitter Liquid Liners Review:

These eye liners are something I love using!! There are a lot of high end glitter liners out there that are a lot more money, but work just about the same!  These eye liners can be found at Ulta (or Fred Meyer if you live in the northwest).  The only downside to this product is sometimes they can be slightly transparent if you are trying to get a bright vivid color.  I have found that when I am using the colorful ones I have to do 2 coats (letting the first one dry before applying the second).  But after the 2 coats the colors are super bright and vivid and glittery!  The glitter has great payoff as well especially after the second coat.  They do last all day as well... I haven't noticed any product crusting off by the end of the day.... but there might be a little bit of you are one of those obsessive eye touchers! haha.  All in all these eye liners are great and I use them a lot! Especially Onyx (black) and Champagne (gold)... they both have amazing glitter payoff and look great on your eye.  I would definitely buy these in the future, and i already own 4 and love them! I give this product 4 stars! :) 


4 out of 5 Rating LA Splash Glitter Liquid Liners