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Glamour Doll Eyes: Eye Shadows Review

Glamour Doll Eyes: Eye Shadows Review:

I had seen a lot of gurus do tutorials and reviews on glamour doll eyes and they always seemed SUPER pigmented and awesome and I always wanted to try them.  When the contacted me to try them I knew I wanted to... just to see if all the hype was actually true.  All I can say is YES!  These loose shadows are amazing!  Being that they are loose... I was expecting a lot of fallout, but I experienced hardly any which was a huge surprise!  The are incredibly pigmented and easy to work with.  I store them upside down... and when I am ready to use them, I flip them over... tap on the cap a couple times...unscrew them...then use the pigment that is leftover in the cap and its a perfect amount.  What I did notice though was the mattes don't work super fabulous over bases.  I put all of them over a black base and the mattes caked up and looked a little splotchy.  They might work a little better if you take your time etc... but when I was swatching, that is what I noticed.  However the mattes OFF a base work amazing, and are highly pigmented.  Another thing that bugs me personally (this doesnt make the product bad at all.. its just a personal thing) is the packaging.  They look kinda cheap and cheesy. haha.  The picture they use on the lid is kind of corny and doesn't look highly professional... and the stickers on the bottom are all crooked.  Just a pet peeve of mine, but the product inside rocks!  Each shadow this size is $6.00 but if you want a sample size they are $1.25.  Great deal!  The website to check out more colors is To see more photos of the colors I received check out Carah's Blog!

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5 out of 5 Rating Glamour Doll Eyes: Eye Shadows