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Loreal Magic Smooth Souffle Foundation Review

Loreal Magic Smooth Soufflé Foundation Review


I know I have been reviewing alot of foundations lately, but for some reason I have been really into trying new ones!  This one is pretty new, and when I saw it I was excited to try it!  I have had it for about 2 months or so, and I definitely have my opinions on it!  I applied it with a flat foundation brush which I found worked the best.  This foundation is prefect for those people who want extremely LIGHT coverage.  I found that it isn't buildable AT ALL.  It goes on extremely smooth and silky and finishes to a light non cakey feel.  However when you first start blending it... it feels REALLY thick and heavy.  This foundation does not last a very long time either.  I find that I get greasy looking quickly, and setting it doesn't really do much because of the silkiness of the formula.  It almost has the feeling of a silicon primer which tends to create a velvety feel that doesn't dry.. which I don't like for foundation.  It also doesn't come with very much product inside...even though the packaging is VERY big and bulky.   I could see myself maybe using this in the summer when I don't want to wear too much makeup. Other than that, I don't think I will ever pull it out to use.  Over all I don't like it and I give this foundation 1 star!  


1 out of 5 stars Loreal Magic Smooth Soufflé Foundation