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Stila One Step Primecolor in Capri Coral Review

Stila One Step Prime Color in Capri Coral


I ordered this on a while ago, and I had no clue what it was, but I was curious!  I don't try alot of stila products out, but since there was a sale, I thought why not! :)  This product in my opinion works great....especially on my skin type, and I was very surprised by it! Stila says it can be used for anything.... blush, primer, bronzer, high lighter, eye shadow, lip color etc.....  BUT i would have to argue and say it would work for either your cheeks or on your lips....anywhere else, it might look a little off.... come on Stila, don't over do yourself here.  The cool thing about this product is that its extremely soft and silky almost like a silicone primer.....its not thick and creamy at all so it blends out really easily and gives a sheer finish.  Alot of times when you hear sheer... you think unpigmented, but its still VERY pigmented and you get a nice color pay off.  I would much rather use this that a cream blush because of the consistency and blending ability!  The wear is great too, and last a very long time which is a huge plus! I wouldn't recommend these to someone with really oily skin though.  because of the silicone feel, and slight shimmer... it can make you look even more oily.  However if you have normal skin or dry skin, they are great and give you a nice glow!  I also wouldn't purchase this if you are looking for a "works for everything" type of product like Stila states.  It just doesn't work for everything..... like I said cheeks, and lips and that's it.  Overall I like this product, and I would like to try other colors.  But there are some skin types and reasons why this product wouldn't really work out for someone.  That is why I give this product 4 stars.

4 out of 5 Rating Stila One Step Prime color