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Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters

 Revlon Colorburst Lip Colors:

I was so eager to try these out and I heard great things!  I was very pleased with these when I tried them out and I would love to purchase more.  I bought Tuti Fruiti which is a really pretty coral orange color and Pink Truffle which is a nice mauve.  Both absolutely gorgeous and pretty pigmented for being lip butters!!  The are very soft and so-so at moisturizing...but not the best.  I would have to say they are probably my second favorite when it comes to moisture.... below Palladio's Tinted Lip Balms.  Palladio's lip balms go on A LOT smoother and silkier and these ones are a little thicker and creamier which is why I feel the moisturizing qualities aren't as high.  They aren't waxy at all and pretty shiny as if you are wearing a little gloss over the top!  Another downside is they aren't very precise.  They kind of look like a stain and don't make a sharp line around the lips and can look a little messy when applied,  but that's pretty normal with tinted lip balms. It's not horrible... but it's definitely not like lipstick.  The color section is very wide which is nice and some are darker and richer than others! The packaging is also very cute... but definitely not "High End" Looking. Another downside is the lasting power.  It's not the greatest and you have to re-apply frequently.... however they are Lip butters so that isn't suprising at all and kind of expected.  Even though I have mentioned many downsides to this product, I would still buy more surprisingly.  I really like them.  Too me they are just a creamier shinier lipstick and are nice on casual days when you don'twant anything to crazy on the lips!  They are similar to the luster finishes by MAC.  I have been wearing them a lot and hope to buy more!!  All in all, I give these 4 stars!


4 out of 5 Rating Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters