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Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation Review

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation Review

This Foundation is definitely in my Top 2!  I always wanted to give this a foundation a try when I saw it in stores, and finally purchased it about 3 weeks ago.  I was so surprised by this foundation because it does exactly what it claims!! It seriously lasts forever, and keeps you matte all day!  I wouldn't go as far as saying it lasts 25 hours... but it definitely gets you through a busy work day and date night great! It is perfect for oily, Combination and normal skin types, and is very buildable as well... But I would definitely consider it a medium to heavy coverage.  If you want more you can definitely add a layer and it will cover great!  One downside to this foundation is its a little hard to blend. That doesn't bother me too much, but I know it bothers some.  I have a theory that foundations that are a little harder to blend out seem to last a little longer.  So far, this theory seems to be correct for me!  It also has no SPF.  Don't freak out though, it actually can be a good thing.  If you are going somewhere that will have a lot of flash photography, then its perfect.  SPF can reflect light in photos and make you look pastey and ghostly!  We don't want that! :) If this is something you want to buy for everyday, then just get a moisturizer and primer with SPF and you will be fine! This foundation would make a PERFECT wedding foundation.  Perfect for pictures, and lasts all day and night! 

There are a few cons to this product though.  The color selection is VERY small.  I'm pretty sure there was only around 6 shades or so... and there were no shades for really dark skin tones.  Also, The colors seemed to be very cool toned.  Almost beige and ashy.  If you have really really warm skin you may not be able to find one that would match.  However, I kind of feel like this foundation works similar to a BB cream.  It goes on your skin a little on the ashy side, but it oxidizes just a bit and makes the perfect neutral color. 

This product sells for around $8.00 on average which is pretty good.  The packaging is a little cheap... its in a plastic tube which turns me off a little bit.  BUT its nice because its a squeeze tube so you wont contaminate the product inside!

I absolutely LOVE this foundation and will be a holy grail for me!!! I hate to give this 4 stars... but because of the color selection I will!


4 out 5 Rating Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation